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Our team has been providing sales and service within the intermountain states for over fifty years now. Our mission is to provide you with honesty, reliability and innovate products, and excellent customer service so you can be sure that we is the professional team you can rely upon.

Safety is not something that anyone wishes to compromise, and we place the utmost importance on it. Our HMMS in Salt Lake City, UT, enables employees to practice high safety standards to ensure there are no health risks or dangers. At Meldrum Scale Company, Inc., our systems comply with:

  • Pre-Acquisition
  • Material Issue & Reuse
  • Reporting
  • Labeling & Barcodes
  • Waste

Coupled with the handheld device data collectors, weigh scales, and web connectivity, the system enables enterprise-wide accountability and cost savings.

Informed, Trained Staff Results in a Safe Workplace

Your staff can only be as prepared as you make them. Our quality hazmat labels ensure that nothing is left to chance or memory. Training your staff the importance of making sure everything is identifiable and how to treat the different components makes for a safe workplace.

Our labels are bold and meet all safety standards so you can be assured that the markings leave no room for guesswork. Choosing the correct labels and placards is vital for the safe handling and shipping of hazardous materials. You, the shipper is responsible for ensuring the accurate labeling is chosen each time, so you don’t incur costly shipping delays, fines, and possibly injuries. Our team can help you increase safety awareness, reduce risk, follow best practices, improve safety training, and stay current with changing regulations.

Contact our professional scale and HMMS company today for all your safe labeling needs. We proudly serve Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding area.
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