On-site and In-House Scale Calibration Services in Sandy, UT


Our on-site and in-house calibration and Scale Balancing Services meet the most stringent standards. We are the only locally owned ISO-17025 accredited scale company in Utah.  Whether we service your scales at your facility or you bring them to us, you can expect quality workmanship and exacting standards from Meldrum Scale Company.

When we perform scale calibrations on your scale, we inspect the complete scale to insure that the equipment and associated hardware are safe and in good repair for proper accuracy, operation and safety.

Our customers count on our quick turnaround for Scale Balancing Service and calibrations, which means that down time without your crucial scale and weighing equipment is minimal.

Using our In-House Tinius Olsen press, calibration tests can be performed in tension or compression up to 120,000 lbs.  Use of our certified press will insure that your crane/tension force scale will be tested and calibrated to its full range using a three run average of a 5 point test. Our test press load cell standards meet or exceed ASTM E74 standards (+- 0.1% of capacity). The “as found” as well as the “final” calibration results will be recorded in a concise calibration report.  ISO-17025 calibration reports are also available.



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