Digital Weight Indicators for Every Application


Get the most advanced industrial weight indicators with all of the features you need. Meldrum Scale offers highly visible and intuitive weight indicators. These weight indicators can handle the toughest industrial conditions and still provide you with up to the second response. Click on the images to view more information about each indicator.

ZM201_L    ZM201 Weight Indicators

The ZM201 Series indicators are a simple yet powerful choice for applications that require basic weighing with accumulation, checkweighing, counting, peak measurement and batch weighing.  The ZM201 this simple design for is ideal for connecting with bench, platform or floor scales and bin/tank/hopper (vessel) scales. The ZM201 weight indicator is available with a 304 Stainless Steel IP66 enclosure, a durable ABS plastic IP20 enclosure or a Stainless Steel panel mount configuration.  ZM201 weight indicator communications include two serial ports and standard Ethernet TCP/IP output.

ZM-300_LitZM301/303 Weight Indicators

The Avery Weigh-Tronix model ZM301/303 Weight Indicators are highly adaptable and available with a choice of display technologies and enclosures. These high performance, multi-function indicators give you the flexibility required to fit your specific weighing needs. The ZM301/303 weight indicators are suitable for the office – for high pressure and heavy washdown environments or anything in between. The ZM300 series will analyze, store, display and transmit data across a wide range of applications.  This weight indicator is equipped with two RS-232 serial ports, USB Host, Ethernet IP, FTP, Modbus TCP and DHCP interfaces standard. Other optional interfaces are available, including wireless.  This weight indicator uses a robust power supply which can power scales with up to six weight sensors. The ZM301/303 weight indicators are is available in a 304 Stainless Steel IP69 enclosure with gore vent and swivel mount. An Aluminum IP20 enclosure or  a Stainless Steel panel mount configuration.

ZM305_50dpi  ZM305 / ZM305 GTN Weight Indicator

The Model ZM305 & ZM305 GTN weight indicators will accommodate General weighing, Truck weighing,  In-Motion weighing, Checkweighing, Counting, Peak Measurement and Batching.  The ZM305 GTN Truck Inbound-Outbound includes transaction storage and gross/ tare/ net weight calculations.  This weight indicator is equipped with a 24 key chemical resistant keypad.  The ZM305 series weight indicator is equipped with two RS-232 serial ports, USB Host, Ethernet IP, FTP, Modbus TCP and DHCP interface standard. Other interfaces are available, including wireless.  This weight indicator can power scales with up to fourteen weight sensors. The ZM305 weight indicator  is available in a 304 Stainless Steel IP69 enclosure with swivel mount.

ZM405%20Indicator%20product%20image%20[1][1]  ZM401/405 Configurable Weight Indicator

The Model ZM405 weight indicator is programmable and can be configured to your specific weighing application.  to provide measurement and control to your operations. This high performance, multi-function programmable weight indicator will give you the flexibility to adapt to your specialized weighing needs. This weight indicator is equipped with a 24 key chemical resistant keypad. The ZM400 series indicators can display, analyze, store, and transmit data across a range of technology methods to meet your specific installation requirements. The ZM401/405 weight indicator is available in a 304 Stainless Steel IP69 enclosure with swivel mount or in a stainless steel panel mount design.


E-1310 Programmable Weight Controller / Indicator

The E1310 advanced programmable weight indicator and process controller is designed for use in automating your weighing processes.  The E1310 is capable of stand alone operation or of integration into a larger system via optional industrial network interface cards. The E1310 is a microprocessor-based high resolution industrial weighing system capable of running custom programs that precisely meet your specific application requirements. Housed in a rugged desk top or wall mount Nema 4X stainless steel enclosure the indicator features a large backlit dot graphic display. Applications are virtually limitless, the E1310 is ideal for batching, filling, recipe formulation, parts counting, checkweighing, truck scales, in -motion conveyor scale processes or combinations of the above. The task of maintaining effective weight data management and process control is a mission ideally suited to the E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller. The E1310 has all the bases covered from one application to another. One communication environment to the next. It possesses the power, flexibility and speed to implement the most advanced thinking in weight measurement, process control and effective data management. The E1310 can control a weighing process via a range of optional I/O modules as well as 4 onboard RS232 serial ports. A full range of optional industrial network interface cards are also available.

GSE350_355IS_spec  GSE 350/355 I.S. Intrinsically Safe Weight Indicator

The GSE 350/355 I.S. Intrinsically Safe Weight Indicators have been approved by Factory Mutual for use in hazardous environments including the following location classifications: Class I (gases), Divisions I and II; Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II (dusts), Divisions I and II, Groups E, F and G; and Class III (fibers), Divisions I and II. The GSE 350/355 I.S. indicators can operate from a hazardous area approved Battery Pack or from a approved hazardous or safe area AC Power Supply. Use the indicator for simple scale operations or link it with computers, printers and other data-gathering devices via fiber optic serial, analog or other available interfaces.


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