Convert Your Existing Equipment into a Dependable Bulk Weighing System

Do you have storage bins, tanks, or hoppers that you need to monitor or control by weight? We can turn your existing  it into an accurate bulk weighing system with quality load cells and instrumentation.

Quick, Affordable Installation

We will make quick work of turning your bulk storage and mixing equipment into a dependable scale system. Disruption is typically minimal so you can continue with your regular processing schedule. We have the expertise and experience to provide the right scale weighing and batching components for your equipment.  Let us help you find solutions to your bulk product processing applications.

Fully Electronic Solutions

The scale components are fully electronic. That means that a simple system you can depend on for long term continuous reliability. Electronic digital scale systems put the power of your critical bulk weighing and blending data in your hands.

How it Works

Converting existing tank, bin and hoppers  into accurate scale systems starts with a weight bar or load cell being placed under each corner of the bulk container or at each suspension point (for a hanging bin or tank). The weigh bars are able to detected the exact weight of stored, added or blended products.   Weights are displayed at the digital weight indicator or controller.  Weights can be visually monitored, sent to a PLC device or computer and to a remote location for up to the second control.  These scale systems can be customize for your specific needs.

Contact Us to Find out More

Give us a call at 1-800-924-7410 so we can help you find solutions for your bulk weighing needs today! We serve our customers in the western United States.

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